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ALLTION AC-1110 colposcopes comes with 5.9V/5W LED Cold Light Source giving white color illumination.

This is a high quality and most basic colposcope that offers excellent optics to your practice affordable. This unit is compact, light-weight and with roller base for easily maneuver.
ALLTION colposcopes are examined and calibrated prior to shipping, so the unit arrives are completely assembled and ready to use. All you have to do is plug it in.

Feature of ALLTION AC-1110 Colposcope:
1.   Precision computer designed total magnification 9x
2.   316mm focal length
3.   Field of View: 22mm dia.
4.   Depth of Field: 8mm
5.   Light intensity: >25,000 LUX
6.   Individually adjustable eyepiece 12.5x (diopters)
7.   Right eyepiece built-in two circles for you to measure the size of the problem you see
8.   Built-in rheostat for brightness adjustment
9.   User-selectable built0in green filter for enhanced contrast
10. LED bulb is easily changeable
11. Working Height; 838mm to 1194mm
12. Two (Gross/Fine) focus adjustment Handles
13. Two (Gross/Fine) height adjustment Handles
14. Universal Teflon® ball-joint gives you 360กใ easy motion
15. Unit is completely assembled and ready for use once power is on
16. Main Power Supply: 110V/220V

CE No.076S050-IT-CE-P02V02  
FDA 510K Number: K061306
ISO 9001:2000 Certificate 5300/2002137799

Items and specification subject to change,
please contact ALLTION for current product information