Alltion- Japan Academy of Microscope Dentistry (JAMD)

Sat 06-2024

From May 31 to June 2, 2024, the 20th Annual Meeting of the  Japan Academy of Microscope Dentistry (JAMD) was successfully held in Tokyo, Japan. ALLTION dental microscopes made their debut at the conference, showcasing the AM-5000 and AM-2000 Plus dental microscopes. The AM-5000 dental microscope, with its unique black appearance, was both cool and stable, becoming one of the highlights of the conference and receiving praise from experts as "so cool." The AM-2000 Plus dental microscope, with its compact and small design, received unanimous praise from lecturers and distributors, who commented: "This is customized for the Japanese market."

The conference brought together many new and old friends, including experts, KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders), lecturers, dentists, and dental hygienists, as well as domestic and international peers who came to experience and test the latest dental technologies and equipment. ALLTION dental microscopes, with their excellent optical performance (clear and bright objectives), Fora super-smooth pendulum system, stable and smooth mechanical operation, compact stand design, built-in 4K ultra-high-definition camera, and depth-of-field enhancement effects, successfully attracted widespread attention and fully met the needs of the Japanese market. Participants' evaluations of ALLTION dental microscopes were "beyond imagination," with each horizontal arm rotating very smoothly and the overall integration being very sophisticated. The microscope's joint knobs are made of high-quality materials and are of excellent quality; as soon as the knobs are slightly loosened, the horizontal arms can stop. When lecturers encountered ALLTION microscopes, they remarked: "This is what we want. The optics, appearance, price, and rotation are all what we seek." They highly recognized ALLTION's products.

Surprisingly, a young and authoritative Japanese lecturer shared his views on ALLTION microscopes through his personal Facebook platform:

The Japan Microscope Science Association started yesterday in Roppongi! Great to see so many teachers! Ajim-sensei, Patel-sensei and Tow-sensei arenoteworthy, but

My persona attention for this tournament.

It seems that the micromaker ALLTlON, which was looking good at this year's AAE, has been released from Premium Plus Japan last month, according to a Japanese correspondent.

The patented molar system is standard equipped at 23°,a light and smooth moving arm, 4K built-in camera, the variant is also from 198mm to 455mm and the specs are sorry. Equation is well balanced, that means extensions are in progress.

Thanks to the lecturers' high praise for the excellent performance and exquisite design of ALLTION microscopes, ALLTION has won widespread acclaim and recognition.

At its debut at the conference, ALLTION dental microscopes showcased dual advantages in technology and design. The AM-5000 dental microscope, with its black appearance, was both cool and stable, becoming a star at the event. The advanced optical system and ultra-clear imaging technology of the AM-5000 dental microscope allow dentists to observe every detail of the teeth clearly and accurately during operations. Whether it's tiny cracks on the tooth surface or deep lesions, everything is visible at a glance, allowing every doctor to deeply appreciate the superior quality of ALLTION dental microscopes.

On the other hand, the AM-2000PLUS dental microscope, with its affordable price and impressive performance, has become the cost-effective choice. It is also equipped with a large zoom objective lens ranging from 198-455mm, suitable for various working distances, allowing dentists to operate freely in different scenarios. With five levels of optical zoom, doctors can easily achieve magnification from 1.7X to 19X with a simple rotation.

At the exhibition site, many young Japanese doctors showed great interest in ALLTION dental microscopes and were full of curiosity and enthusiasm for new technologies and equipment. They stopped to watch, personally experience, and frequently exclaimed: "Your depth-of-field enhancement is amazing!" "Beyond imagination!" "Great!"

In addition to the enthusiastic attention from young doctors, ALLTION dental microscopes also received high recognition from the conference organizers. One of the doctors, as one of the organizers of the conference, not only personally experienced the ALLTION dental microscopes but also repeatedly led other doctors to experience them. This word-of-mouth praise quickly increased the visibility of the ALLTION booth, attracting more and more attendees to visit and experience. During the exhibition, the ALLTION booth became a hotspot for communication. Attendees from all over the world stopped by, engaging in in-depth discussions with dental experts, KOLs, and lecturers, as well as mutual learning among peers. This open communication environment promoted the collision of technology and ideas, injecting new vitality into ALLTION.

ALLTION successfully made a strong impression at the 20th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Microscopic Dentistry. The successful conclusion of the 20th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Microscopic Dentistry marks a key step for ALLTION in entering the international market.

In the future, ALLTION will continue to uphold the philosophy of "Focusing on doctors' health, starting with heartfelt service," dedicated to serving the global medical industry. While gaining fame domestically and internationally, ALLTION will adhere to independent research and production, driven by technological innovation and centered on product quality, providing high-quality products and services for end medical care, and offering advanced medical equipment to doctors, enabling them to better serve patients and improve medical standards.